VK Live


Watch and create live videos on the social network VK


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VK Live is an app to make and watch live videos using your VK account. You do need to have this account to use the app, but if you don't have one yet you can create it in less than two minutes.

VK Live is simple to use. From the main tab, you can view a list of all the trending streams. Selecting any of them will open the video in fullscreen for you to watch live. While streaming a video, you can write comments, give likes, and even send stickers.

Creating your own live videos is easy, too. Just tap the red button at the bottom right corner, give your stream a name, and start recording. Users can then start watching it live.

VK Live is a live video broadcasting app that should obviously to prove particularly attractive for regular users of the popular VK social network.

Requires Android 4.3 or higher.

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